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Ich mochte etwas zu yousry nasrallah sagen ( auf english )
Mr. Yousry
I could not manage to find any single part of the film al madina that was out of mistakes , big mistakes , the film was not well made at all . A film student or even an amature could have done a better job . Sorry for saying that but the only thing about the film is the story . I still do not know how did Mr. yousry manage to get those famous names in his film. I am ready to supply Mr. Nassrallah witha full report of the mistakes in his film that made it a total failure . Sex and drugs made the film look kind of modern as this is what new artistic cinema covers to get the title of a brave film . Anyhow Mr nasrallah i just wanna say you were lucky getting all those names in , but the acting of the crew and the directing of the fim makes me wonder what happened to the egyptian cinema lately . TOTAL FAILURE for al madina ...
khaled 31.1.03 20:11

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