Head of State

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Head of State
Chris Rock, Bernie Mac
USA 2003 - Regie: Chris Rock - Darsteller: Chris Rock, Bernie Mac, Tamala Jones, Lynn Whitfield, Dylan Baker, Jude Ciccolella, Robin Givens, Stephanie March, Nick Searcy, Tracy Morgan, Ray Clark - FSK: ab 6 - Länge: 95 min. - Start: 27.11.2003

2003 is truly an odd election year when Chris Rock sets his sights on the highest office in the land in the comedy "Head of State".

Chris Rock stars in the film, which also marks his directorial debut. Rock also co-wrote the screenplay with Emmy Award-winning writer Ali LeRoi, who previously collaborated with Rock on "Down to Earth".

Mays Gilliam (Chris Rock) is a Washington D.C. neighborhood alderman, who's about to be red-lined out of his job. But after the untimely death of the party frontrunner, Gilliam is plucked from obscurity and thrust into the limelight as his party's nominee - for President of the United States.

The film also stars Bernie Mac ("The Bernie Mac Show") as Mays' older brother Mitch, who becomes his unlikely running mate. Rounding out the main cast are: Dylan Baker ("Road to Perdition"), Nick Searcy ("One Hour Photo"), Lynn Whitfield ("Stepmom"), Robin Givens ("Book of Love"), James Rebhorn ("Far From Heaven"), and Tamala Jones ("On the Line").
Text & Foto: UIP